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nigerian campus life

Posted on: May 28, 2010

by john otim
lately of the ahmadu bello university
zaria, nigeria

Accompanying a Nigerian academic to Makerere University campus the other day, reminded me how campus life once was on the great nigerian campuses. Early days of the nineteen eighties. Before the coming of the digital revolution created the great divide. But more on this later.

Nigerian campuses were fewer then of course but they had quality. They had a mission. The faculty and the student pupulation had a purpurse to be there

Not any more. Things have changed. Today stories are told of prostitution rings on Nigerian campuses. Of drug rings and cultism, the dreaded scourge that even the most high and powerful in the country fear. 

In broad and general terms all these things and much more are happening on many if not most of these campuses. With disastrous consquences for teaching, learnig and research. Numbers did not bring these problems. Other things did.

The question is what went wrong? How may things get put right again? We will continue this debate. Look out on these pages for the ultimate story: Hope and Despair on the Postcolonial Campus.


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