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angel of the morning

Posted on: December 11, 2010

poetry by john otim


Angel of the morning

In the middle of a perfect afternoon
his head was a mess of greasy locks
his breath was doused
with the aroma of stale alcohol

he glanced at the glory by my side
she shot back and saw now
the woman by his side
they hated each other instantly

we hurried away and the girl said
what mean folks!
can’t even pay simple bills

for their home was in a mess
sans water sans power
overrun with garbage
and litter

the next day on the corridors of learning
he accosted  me
what did you see in that ugly girl?

that evening I looked again
at my new girl
the angel that came to me
in the morning

and I saw again those lips
those eyes
angel of the morning
john otim


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