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sail on silver bird sail on by

Posted on: February 18, 2011

poetry by john otim

how the years have run
it seems but moments ago
a little girl that cried amd cried in the rain
victim of mindless people                                                        

and look today she gathers
her deep lush braids into a lock
a bride fit for a prince
how the years have run                      

how events have moved
yesterday by popular acclaim
a campus queen
bashful and free in the cool airs
of the plateau

and today look there she is
at the head of elite select space wizards
from around the world  

and now there they are
far beyond by the milky way
there herself shooting the lead rover
past clusters of burning stars

and on earth we watch and follow
the drama in space
dazzling pictorials
of worlds never imagined

How events run away
what more could there be
beyond distant fiery balls?
sail on silver bird

Sail on silver bird
sail on by … your time
has come to shine …

copyright john otim 2009
ahmadu bello university zaria



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