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Barack Obama at Westminster: View from Kampala

Posted on: May 26, 2011

john otim comments

the only point at which obama’s audience at westminster applauded was when the american president raised that class/democracy thing – the grandson of a cook in a once mighty empire. but now the leader of the most powerful nation on earth. live, standing, speaking before you. beat it

to his credit the speaker of the british parliament had anticipated the president in his excellet introductory remarks – obama was not the syblol of the american dream. obama is the american dream. ladies and gentlemen – the president of the united states …

"barack obama"

barack obama

obama speech was a celebration of logic of history of enlightenment. it is not the size of the economy [stupid] but the ideals and values we hold that determine our influnce. check out the ideals now inspiring the great arab awekening all across the middle east

you could say i loved the speech. though i only watched it on radio. in the fine musical prelude the british sense of drama and elegance was at its best. tony blair seated somewhere in the audince was the past imperfect

in contrast to obama at westminster, netanyhau and the worshiping american congress were a study in pathology. they reminded one of parliament in kampala erasing presidential term limits and endosrsing corrupt officials


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