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Sail on Silver Bird

Posted on: March 23, 2012

     How the years have run
she gathered toys
and played
see me I see you

     Today she gathers
lush braids into a lock
a bride fit for a prince
how the years have run                      

     How events have moved
yesterday a campus youth
bashful and free
in the cool airs of the plateau

     Today an astronaut
the best and the brightest 

        Gliding Spirit 9
along the Milky Way
shooting past clusters of stars
where none had been before

     Breaking news … 
glowing pictorial
breath-taking sights
places no human eyes 
had seen before

     How the world moves
how time flies
Sail on Silver Bird
sail on by

John Otim
copyright 2012


2 Responses to "Sail on Silver Bird"

A well considered and nicely written poem, John. Enjoyed! Thanks for sharing it here … and time certainly does fly, more so with maturity.

Many blessings,

oh i love this. your words about my simple lines. time flies

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